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"The spherical cells are far superior to the concentric cylindrical type cells."

Alex Schiffer, author of "The Experimenter's Guide to the Joe Cell"

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 Overview of Distinguishing Points Between Joe Cell and Moe-Joe Cell

When I first began working with the spheres, I had already been working with the Joe Cell for some time. Even with my first design, which used Buna-N (poor spacer - shorts the cell) and using rusty leads going through the spheres to get the electricity to the inner sphere, there was a noticeable improvement in the energy output of the Moe-Joe cell versus the Joe Cell - both energetically in a feeling sense, and also in bubble productions. And this was even using 304 stainless spheres that stuck a magnet!! When I switched over to 316 non-magnetic steel, the feeling was so beautiful and I began to notice that the cell really was having an impact on my overall state of well-being, energy, and awareness.

Through the years, I have come up with a design that is much easier to assemble than even the Joe Cell, which I always find a little frustrating trying to place the spacers. With the new design, especially involving the inner bismuth sphere with threaded connectors to hold the entire assembly together (as offered in Kit 2), I find it actually fun to assemble the Moe-Joe. It's easy and gives a sense of satisfaction. It's also very easy to disassemble for cleaning and reassembling. It is also very solid and can even be rolled around, or dropped, without damaging the spheres and without the cells coming apart. Quite amazing!

The price is also less expensive than other suppliers offering Joe Cell kits, which include only the steel itself. The Moe-Joe kits are less expensive than these Joe Cell kits and they include options to have all the necessary parts for your convenience in assembling the cells.


Moe joe cell side view

The Balancing of the Magnetic Fields in the Moe-Joe Cell

Moe Joe cell side picture

As I say on the homepage of this site, when I heard about the Joe-Cell and understood the basic concept of using the polarity of electricity to bring a balance between opposite forces, I just knew that the cell would be far greater if it were spherical. There's no doubt about it. Many other people on the Joe Cell discussion group and working on Free Energy technologies also agree. A friend of mine who has been working on the Joe Cell had a dream that said "The spherical design is much better." The Joe Cell is flawed in that it has large gaps of loss of magnetic field due to the open ends of the cylindrical tubes. If we do end up running our cars everywhere on this technology, it is best to be doing so with a more whole and balanced magnetic field. There is next to no loss of magnetic field while charging the water with the Moe-Joe cell. Remember, according to the latest physics research and Masaru Emoto's work, for instance, water picks up the vibration and stores the vibrational frequency of that which encodes it. While we are at forwarding the Joe cell technology, it is best that we use the correct form, since the flaw in the Joe Cell could have some negative impacts on our health, for instance, traveling or being near the Joe Cell.

I believe that the Joe-Cell technology is helping to evolve the planet towards a cleaner, healthier state. One may even say that the energies that the Joe cells emit will be contributing to bringing the planet towards peace. Well... the sphere does this MUCH better. First of all, everything that governs our world is based upon the principle of the sphere. The atom is a sphere. The planets are spherical and the Earth spins on an axis, exposing us to 360 of the skies and stars. In Kabbalah and alchemy, the sphere is clearly demonstrated as a sacred geometrical shape. Studying the genius minds of John Keely and Walter Russell, one is immediately brought into the awareness of the importance of the sphere as the preferred shape for free energy production and healing, meditation, prayer. I have found my prayers to be significantly enhanced and greatly manifested while praying and setting intentions (Law of Attraction) within the energy fields of my Moe-Joes. This is something thatmust be experienced!!!

The alchemical and kabbalistic knowledge holds that the female belongs on the inside, while the male sphere, in our case, that which carries the +ve electricity, belongs on the outside. It is amazing and fascinating to understand that we are reproducing the very essence of the balanced positive nature of reality itself with the Moe-Joe cell. The inner female sphere is perfectly surrounded by the male. The magnetic fields created by the application of the electrical current is created at 90 degrees from the electrical field. But if we are applying the electricity to a sphere, then the resultant magnetic field is placed precisely where the sphere is... This means that we are essentially creating a MAGNET which is SPHERICAL in nature. The impact of this is tremendous on healing and free energy application, as the spherical magnet, with its magnetic neutral centre, which is the centre shared by both the male and the female spheres, has a neutral centre that is tapped into the Zero Point Field. This is very powerful to bring the consciousness of the human being and the planet at large back into the state of original balance from where we come. (See more on the Sphinx Sphere for an even further evolved Moe-Joe cell involving alchemical precious metals for optimizing the design of the Moe-Joe cell)

Taking the Next STEP into the THEORETICAL IDEA of What Powers the Moe-Joe cell:

The electricity that goes into the spheres (of the Moe-Joe cell) creates a magnetic field that surrounds the water that is inside the midst of the cell. The water, being diamagnetic, is surrounded and has to create a magnetic field in the "opposite / repulsional" direction. It cannot, since it is surrounded, so it "implodes" upon itself, and creates a field on the "other side of reality." This to me, generates positronium electrons - or electrons on the "other side" - antimatter - which seeks the high ignition voltage spark in the piston instantaneously and merges with electrons there to create a big explosion of implosion or matter and antimatter annihilating each other.

In the Moe-Joe kits , I have included the bismuth centre which enhances the diamagnetism of the centre greatly, and is a tremendous item to have there in the centre. Bismuth has the 2nd highest diamagnetism of any substance, and is non-toxic (the highest diamagnetism in any substance is pyrolytic graphite/carbon). But it is easiest to work with bismuth for this application and Bismuth also has the highest Hall effect, which is ideal for what we are trying to create in the Moe-Joe cell. (Hall effect definition: Generation of an electric potential perpendicular to both an electric current flowing along a conducting material and an external magnetic field applied at right angles to the current upon application of the magnetic field - very key for having it within the midst of the electromagnetic fields created by the Moe-Joe cell being electrically charged)

Connecting the Moe-Joe Cell to other Devices

To a Healing Chamber / As an Orgone Shooter-Box

Moshe Daniel's Healing Chamber

note: this video displays the old Moe-Joe design, and is STILL AMAZING!! Imagine such applications with the new and improved design!!

To a Car - Click here to be brought to Car Page

From Alex Schiffer's Update 23 to The Experimenter's Guide to the Joe Cell:

"I agree with Moshe that the spherical cell is superior. However, as the ‘energy point’ is central to the inner sphere a method has to be found to extract this focal point for car use. As such (for car use) it remains to be seen if it is superior to a Joe cell. Moshe, I wish you a speedy and positive outcome."

Thank you Alex. At Moe-Joe Working, we're working on a solution for car implementation. For now, we are offering the highest quality 316 Stainless steel with an amazing design to help you assemble your spherical Joe Cell with ease and fun! You can experiment with a car / engine yourself. With the 3/8" holes that exist in each sphere, there is a conduit that runs from the inner sphere up to the outer sphere, providing an outlet to carry the water / energy up from the centre. Also, with the 316 stainless insulated bolt that runs from the inner sphere, right in the very centre bismuth ball, this carries the energy up out of the cell and can be used for experimentation in hooking the cell to an engine. Other variations also exist with water-proof aluminium tubes, and other options.

Spacing Material

I began my Moe-Joe cell career using Buna-N as spacers, and saw that the Buna caused shorting of the cell - the steel would have little pit marks where the Buna spacers were. Then I upgraded to Ebonite and found an improvement on the overall performance and feel of the cell, and there was no longer any pitting of the steel. I decided to also experiment with nylon, upon Bernie's recommendation that it is his favourite spacer! I agree! It is easier to use than ebonite, cheaper, doesn't smell like hell, and there are already manufacturers who can supply all that is needed for the perfect Moe-Joe cell assembly. So after experimenting and seeing the same results as I get with ebonite, I am going with Nylon spacers in my Moe-Joe kits.

On the Bismuth Core

Bismuth Ball in centre of Cell

I had a mould made out of some weird kind of plastic, good for casting things, that has a strong stinky smell to it. I made the ball 1/2" diameter and I used two 10-32 nuts on each side for the threading... The right size of the bismuth is probably relative to the size of the sphere. Maybe not... I dunno for sure. These bismuth cores are available on the Moe-Joe website as part of Kit 2.

I took a regular blow torch, stuck it into a small thing of metal (I used copper, anything is fine, it's just for burning) and melted a nice little chunk of bismuth. It's a great metal to work with. It flows so well. Keep the torch on it and keep it melted and then flow it into the mould. Since the mould is this strong plastic, it will hold the heat for a while (and can give you enough time to cram some Trexar wire aka Sphinx Wire for optimal harnassing of the central energy field. Make sure the Sphinx wire goes in straight, you don't want it at an angle - and i would push it in approximately halfway into the bismuth ball. The gauge of the wire I use is 18 gauge. It's pretty cheap, so you can buy a lot of it. For more on the Sphinx Sphere and Sphinx / Trexar Wire - click here)

This is one of my favourite things to do in the Moe-Joe building process. I used to take the bismuth core and coat is with a marine epoxy by Lepage, thinking it would protect the bismuth core from corrosion in the water. But it really isn't necessary. The experimenter can add epoxy around the bismuth if they feel it is needed. See my page of love and admiration for the Metal Bismuth.

For further discussions surrounding theory of Moe-Joe cell functioning, click here


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