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Moshe discussing the Moe Joe cell at a conference on alternative energy

Montreal, Canada January 2008


From a post by Moshe, discussing with Adrian, on the group October 2nd, 2007, about Od and Orgone

I find the West to East- orgone travel path
and north to south Od travel path very interesting - especially if these are the precursors, or foundations for our electromagnetic fields. And you said these are right angles, just as the electrical travels at 90 degrees to the magnetic. This has sparked me to see that we are getting close.

Let me add a few thoughts here, perhaps expand the idea a little.

A few of the great minds have established a trinity between electricity, magnetism, and gravity. there is a dance between the three of them, such that, when the electro-magnetic, or magneto-electric are in balance and harmony, however that looks, with each other, then there is a cancellation of gravity aka anti-gravity. So far, so good.

Now here is the interesting thing, i find.

even though both electricity and magnetism are bi-polar (both male and female, north and south, + and -) in nature,
electricity is actually male in nature relative to magnetism.  
magnetism is female in nature relative to electricity.
Earth sits between the two archetypal male and female planets - namely Mars (male)
and Venus (female) and our purpose here, as i see it, is to find the way to bring balance to the Force. ;-)

If you look at a magnet, it is whole and holistic unto itself.  There is a south pole that feeds into the north, and there is a perpetual force, brought on by the balance. Also, there is already in the magnet a neutral zone, symbolic and representative of the neutral centre (Zero point field) that we are after as free-energy-heads and cellers.

Now, if you look at electricity - it is NOT a whole or a holistic entity. It is pure, clear and unabashed DUALITY - like a co-dependent relationship where the man needs the woman to love and care and nurture him, and the woman needs the man to stand strong, protect and provide for her, the two are stuck in need together. this is the tendency of the north to be attracted to the south - but it is violent and destructive. It is not a whole. it is divided and dualistic. The Mars element, one can say, is the war element - that which divides and conquers the female Nature, and if i may add, Love element, which resides in the source of the female. The Mars element is the source of the split here on Earth and has been for a long time, and is the force responsible for the very factors of war and destruction that we see raging here.

So, when we again look at the trinity of electricity, magnetism, and gravity, the culprit that leads to the experience of being bound to the gravitational field is THE Dualistic / Split ELECTRICITY.

So in my awareness, what the joe cell does, or intends to do, is to bring the electric back into a unified state... creating cold electricity, which A) is no longer split in and flows as a continuum with nature B) is balanced and in harmony with the magnetic.

In simple terms, a superconductor has ZERO resistance to the conduction of a flow.
As such, there is NO magnetic field at 90o angle created by the electrical flow. this leads to anti-gravity.

I think the 90 degree creation of a magnetic field from an electrical field is NOT a way to bring balance when it is just flowing, for instance, in a wire, or in a tube. It's not what we're after. it's a harsh angle, just as in astrology, it represents a point of tension that needs resolution, and it maintains the object to be subject to the gravitational field of the earth.

i think here is again where the theory behind the spherical Moe-Joe cell is key.
If you apply the electrical split duality to the outer sphere and the inner sphere, and this creates a magnetic field at 90 degrees to the electric... well, what does that look like in a sphere? IT IS another SPHERE of magnetism right where the physical sphere is - same exact place - cause each "point" on the sphere creates the 90 degree angle, which adds up ALL AROUND to be... another sphere of magnetism. The diamagnetic water then takes that magnetic field and inverts it to "the other side."
so it creates "negative magnetism" or "cold electricity," which to me is the opening up of the gateway to implosion, or tapping into the Zero Point field, that is the doorway to the other side of reality wherein dwells infinite energy, infinite potential.

I know in my gut what i have shared is close to doing and explaining, what you have said Adrian, to build up from scratch. i like to keep it simple, that's how my brain works. my eyes start crossing when things get too complicated.

Now, a little love note about my favourite metal - BISMUTH (more on my favourite Metal - go to The Shrine of Bismuth)

Bismuth is known to have the HIGHEST hall effect.
Definition - from

Hall effect
n. Generation of an electric potential perpendicular to both an electric current flowing along a conducting material and an external magnetic field applied at right angles to the current upon application of the magnetic field.

Can you BELIEVE that? it's like put right into our lap to unite the electro-magnetic.

He he... i believe bismuth, with its alchemical symbol of infinity, is another key to bringing the electro-magnetic right angles together.
i think it goes in the centre of the spheres. that's where i am putting it.
but perhaps there is a small something that is missing. maybe it should go on the metal? or an alloy? any idears?

there are many others using bismuth now because of its highest diamagnetism, and highest hall effect. we are evolving to the complete understanding of how to create ZPE.

The power supply is also key.
it's gotta be pulsed DC - at a high voltage, with a low current. i think this is the best. though i haven't created this sort of power supply yet.

Love and ZPE,

Some thoughts from Moshe - sometime in August 2007

Kabbalistic and mystical, alchemical and astrological discussion below - and of course, God-the-Creator's connection to Spherical Cellery is discussed here also and... most importantly - Love!

Dear Friends and Folks from all over the world,

Blessings to all of us working on the healing of our planet altogether... it's building up, but we haven't really quite gotten there yet. I feel an excitement to share the way i have been seeing it and feeling it these days. I keep it to the simple model of unity versus duality. The Sphinx Sphere is an agent for unity the likes I which I have never encountered to such a beautiful and powerful degree. A little background before we enter fully into the theory, philosophy, and practical building and application of the Sphinx Sphere.

Unity is always. It's eternal, like the symbol of infinity, and so it has always been available to us here on earth, but we have forgotten and lived somewhat in the world that includes duality. Here on Earth, it is our choice. We can have either - seeing the unity, or living in the duality, and we often live in both, that is what makes this planet like a kind of a purgatory, or a blend of heaven and hell.
Heaven is unity. Unity is union. And union is Love. Love is actually made by the two elements that makes it when they come together. Male and Female - the two opposites. The spear of mars and the Rose of Venus, and yet also the father and the mother.
So there is the duality and there is the unity.
In the duality, the Mars tries to rule over Venus, and his control and illusion makes the hellish part on earth, and then we're always living in the goodness, cause it is eternal. But if we have gone too long, too deeply in the hellish part, and have forgotten the love and the goodness in all things, (except the things that are against love) then we can be so much in the male world, then we are lost in the machine mind, which is ruled by the mind of polarized electricity. Polarized electricity, in a sense, is a kind of rape of the land, as taking her blood and causing wars over it. Mars will be Mars. And let me tell you, I appreciate this fellow, because in the Heavenly world of unity, he is the Warrior of Venus. And his Spear and Shield protect that which is precious and ensure that Love comes back to Earth. So we have to always remember that the male and female exist as One and also, in the world of illusion, in the duality, still existing as a duality, because of the ruler ship of the electrical element. 

Just as a little aside - the separation had to happen, because the two (the male and female) did not know themselves as separate when the One was eternal.   
And "they" wanted to. well, the Creator wanted them to be able to experience themselves as themselves, cause that is sharing, and the beautiful growth of the Universe. This discussion is the basis of my Kabbalistic and alchemical book titled "The Last Four Books of Moses - Book 1 The Letting Go of Free Will"
But the amount of suffering from the creation of the hellish part is enough right about now, thank you very much, and so it is about bringing it back to unity.

And that is to reconcile the two alienated halves of male and female, and to bring the electric back into harmony, as is the magnetic. That means the total and complete surrender of the Spear of Mars element ruling over the Healing Waters of Venus.
That, we can say is represented as the electricity.
And so unity, which leads to the energies of freedom.  

I heard that the Mayans and many others attuning to the nature of the change of the world that is coming here now believe that the electrical energy will no longer work. And that is because, the unified field, which is the zero point energy, is made up of a balance, a unity. And so, the electrical as we have known it just dies, and we cannot create energy by raping the earth anymore, nor could anyone ever die of electrocution any longer – that is a very strong low frequency on the earth plane. We are going higher. To the vibrational frequency of the balanced union which is tapped into the hole in the infinite that leads to the void of the two that are one, that is the infinite and eternal inside of a point of no defined dimension, as it is the point before all of this imploded into duality.

When we look at spheres within spheres, as in a Moe-Joe cell, the female goes as the small inner sphere.
The male goes as the exterior. This is the Great Pattern of alchemy, Kabbalah, even seen in the stars (we this document will expand upon). What we can say is that he defines the limits of her boundaries. So where he sits, becomes her mirror inward of her first note…
We’re talking musical harmony here, which relates to the harmony of The Root Mother with the Fifth Father. The Root mother note, is the Ground Zero, where it all starts, and He, the Mars element, the Male, is the Dominant 5th that stands outside her in order to reflect her beauty back to her.

The Root note begins in her belly and radiates outward and his fifth is the outer reflection to that which creates the neutral center by being the middle ground where they meet halfway. And that is also a simple analogy of the goodness of the ZPE (Zero Point energy).
1st if for eg G 5th would be D, and the third is a B. That is harmony. That is healing, as Keely was majorly tapped into the use of music with the spheres he used.
So it would behoove us, in the shape of the spheres, to look at the term neutral centre that Keely spoke of and so many of them. That neutral centre is also the place where you put the element that carries the third note which is the root.
So the core has to be a ball of bismuth in the center – haleleujah – cause there, the neutral centre must project out it’s Tree of Life energy, which is the very nature of the Christ, and what we can call the Child of the Creator. And also, the human aquarian is like the same thing. (this is expanded upon A LOT and the alchemy of the Christ is shown in much greater intimate detail in The Sphinx Sphere. Also see more on Bismuth here)

Now, one thing I have learned and I believe there may be something very important to recognize is the following fact –
The civilization of Atlantis was destroyed for two reasons, basically, to keep things simple. It is said that it destroyed itself because it used its advanced technology to make their genitals larger… and that it was experimenting with hydrogen energy, and something went bad, and there was a massive chain reaction around the world of the oxygen coupling with hydrogen, and there was a spontaneous flood all around the world at the same time. Now, I look at the world as it is today, and I see two things – we are experimenting with hydrogen energy, and I am getting around 10-15 spam emails a day telling me to make my banger bigger. Now that coinkidinky I cannot ignore, and so I say, the time of Atantis, that sunken world, is reemerging out of the waters. We are coming to live again in that time, and lo! That we should make the same mistake…spend all of our time and energy worshipping the Spear of Mars. Ha!! Yes, it’s okay to have a nice long one, but when does it get to be a little crazy? And how long do we really need?

What is enough? Enough power, enough length, enough strength, enough control? Enough is feeling good about the self as one truly is, as we are Created to be, and not in the part of us still stuck to the machine mind. Y factor clearance comes from the bringing our thoughts that have been born in the world of duality back together. Amazingly, the tale of Adam and Eve, alchemically and kabbalistically, tell us a lot, when we see that the whole story of duality begins around the tale of the serpent telling eve, that they could eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and then they would be like God, knowing Good and Bad. And that my dear friends, is exactly what the Y factor is – it is the element in our minds that holds onto Knowledge of Good and Bad, which is the world of duality itself. So to purify one’s Y factor, is to make the unity of the harmony happen within the self –and to do so requires the balancing of the male and the female which I share in my book (The Last Four Books of Moses).

From a post by Moshe, discussing with Adrian, on the group November 17th, 2007, about electricity, magnetism, gravitational field, unity, duality:

Dear Adrian,

Okay, I will share what I can to expand on this idea.
I like to keep it simple. I am simple and so is the centre.
I have also attempted to keep it brief and failed miserably.

<<<<> the magnetic is a "whole" system, that is a reflection of the
higher light of union. it already is whole, in a sense, unto itself,
like the magnet that already contains within itself the north, the
south and the neutral of the both...

[Adrian - Yes, not difficult.]

and yet, it needs the opposite reflection of the electric

[Adrian - In what sense is the electric opposite to magnetism?] >>>>>>>>
Magnetism is a whole system - it has the north (male) south (female) and a neutral zone which one could say is where they are holding hands or merging into each other, so it is neither of them and actually, both of them. 

The way that electricity works on this planet, so far, and at least in the way we have tapped into it, is that the male and the female are not holistic, not together - they are split. they have no neutral balance point where they can operate forever together, like a magnet, which theoretically, can function forever. So, in a sense, you have to generate electricity, and it depletes the source of electrons where it comes from (this is the kind of thinking that only derives from the dualistic electricity, cause the cold or negative electricity can be tapped into as free energy, which doesn't deplete the source.) What is important to note is the reflection of the dualistic electricity with our dualistic world, where, to use a simple and pretty accurate analogy, men and women don't get on with each other in harmony... BUT, they are VERY attracted to each other. So when there is a circuit, the male and female, in dualistic electricity, seek to re-unite, but it is somewhat like a drunken romp in a brothel - it is destructive, emits heat, and if the current is high enough, it will kill you (maybe the romp will kill you eventually, syphillis or something... ;-p) Cold electricity, i think, won't kill, doesn't destroy. it's like the flame of the burning bush that doesn't consume the branches - it is harmonious with life. 
A little astro-alchemy here: Our planet earth sits between the two closest planets Mars and Venus, and was not placed in vain - our planet represents a planet of balance. In the so-called Eden, and in the Stone of the Philosopher's, the Elixir of Life is created by a union of the King and the Queen, or the Male and the Female, or Mars and Venus. When they are in harmony, you have the father (male), the mother (female) and the child (which is the Christ, which is BOTH of them together, like our neutral centre)
What happened on this Earth is that there was a split caused by creation, for the purpose of growth and evolution through challenge and the choice of free will. As soon as there was this split, Mars, the Male, began to have the desire to rule over the female and to be like God. As far as I can see, Mars, War, has been the root cause of the duality, though it is unfair to blame him alone, as it takes two to tango, and the female, Venus, went into a very passive place and allowed this dominion to happen. (lots to say here, but let's keep it simple). The energy of the Mars in separation from the Venus is war, competition, I am the one and only, and everything belongs to me, and me alone. it is the epitome and evil and greed and competition. With Venus, Mars is a warrior for the goodness... he is a complement to her, and a reflection as a part of the balance of unity. (and please note: men are not from Mars and women are NOT from Venus, in the true world, but yes, it has tended here on the planet that men identify with their spears and think they're ONLY from Mars and throw the Venus in them out the window, and women have been raised to see themselves as only Venus, female, and have, historically, and in most cultures, rejected the male in them)

Bottom line of this point: The dual electricity is a reflection of the state of existence where Mars is attempting to rule over Venus. Dualistic Electricity, therefore, is the opposite of magnetism, because dualistic electricity represents a split and a non-harmony between the opposite polarities, whereas magnetism represents a unity of the polarities in one unit of a magnet. Egad! that was more long winded than i had intended...

Tesla founds ways to go beyond the dualistic electricity, which is what, i think is called "negative electricity" or "cold electricity."

<<to bring the whole
[Adrian - I take it you mean the whole of the magnetic, yes?]
past the veil of the illusion>>

not really. not in this context. in this context, i mean the whole to represent the unity of the male and female in general, which the magnet does represent.

<<past the veil of the illusion
[Adrian - "the illusion" refers to the duality of the magnetic and
the electric, yes? But your phrase suggets to me a whole differnt way
of looking at things, a whole different thought process. In this way
of thinking we look at two opposites and if I see the whole that they
constitue I see past the illusion of separateness. >>

yes. the illusion is the whole state of existence, of consciousness, where we live with our Mars and Venus, male and female, north and south, NOT in unity, believing this is the normal way things should be. The illusion is that Mars is the ruler over Venus. And so the male tries to usurp the source of the power, which originates within the female. Take the Moe-Joe as an example - the female sphere exists within the center - from the female inner sphere, all the power is sourced, and then the male is an extension of that power - he draws it out and disseminates it. The male is the obvious and the outer, and the female is the inner and the hidden. Since we're all a bunch do-do heads, and very stuck to the obvious, we've fallen for it, and allowed the outer obvious to rule this earth in terms of economy, politics, religion, science... the male has dominated and ruled this planet in every aspect, and the hidden inner female, has stayed silent, suppressed. What we're doing along with a great movement on the planet, is bringing about a balance between these forces, and allowing the source of all, which is Love, which is Venus, to be the foundation of power. This is bringing us back to the time of peace and abundance, which Free energy is a big part of. Let's face, plain and simple - Love, throughout all cultures, religions, and races, is the most powerful healing force that exists. it's the goodness that we all seek to return to, and get all screwed up over when we've been denied her. And i feel that is why Love is the source of the free energy on the planet - free energy comes about when the source is in the right place, and in balance with the extension.

John Keely called this the root (source - female) and the dominant (the fifth - male) in musical terms. Imagine this - you have a root note, say G - this is our "Earth" our female, and then the male, sets up a boundary, which acts as an inward reflection of the root note. His boundary is set at the 5th note which in music is D. Now, when the fifth note is created, it reflects the root inward and creates a THIRD which is made up of both the male and the female. the third would be B. The joe cell delivers the root as the female electricity (-ve) the +ve is the dominant, the fifth, so to speak, and the action of both of them is reflected into the neutral zone that exists between them, creating a neutral zone that is BOTH of them (this, to me is what causes an opening in the centre of all the spheres, in a cell,  to the "other side" of reality, where the source is infinite, and not dualistic, and not finite, cannot be depleted, exists in a principle of eternity and infinity, as the symbol of the figure Eight, which holds the male, the female, and both.)  

When allowed to return as the source, she's not going to try to dominate the world. She will allow for Love to reign supreme. There's a difference when Mars tries to rule as the Source and when Venus is the source. All illusion stems from the forces being out of balanced and misplaced and mars trying to be like God. in each of us, we must learn to release the aspect of our male energy that seeks to continue its delusional reign over the female in us - this is HUGELY important for the Y factor. (that is rationalization over the female intuitive aspect, needing to be in control versus knowing how to yield, trying to be the ONLY one that wears the pants in the relationship, etc. etc.) - this is all about alchemy, ultimately.
>and the gravitational force that can only exert its influence within
>the confines of space where the electric and magnetic are out of

[Adrian - Big leap here. Why is gravity limited to exerting its
influence where electric and magentic are out of balance? We have
gravity here on eart right now, I know beucase I just dropped my
coffee so the implication is that they are constantly out of balance
on earth? Why would that be so? Do not things find equalibrium? Are
you saying that the third force, gravity in this case is the
equilibrating factor? Why do you have these three forces as
When the male and the female flow in the following fashion - female source, male extension and feedback to her, she receives back from him and continues the flow, as in a magnet, then all the energy that exists in this system is of the nature of the original Light, in harmony... but don't take this literally, cause, if you let go of a magnet, it will still fall. it is more in consciousness that i am speaking now, because as humans, we have to overcome the natural tendency on this planet for duality. look at nature - it is hierarchical, it is rough, it is war-torn, survival of the fittest. When a baby is born, in complete innocence, it will still fall if you drop it.
So this world was created as torn, broken, so to speak, so that we can, through our voluntary action, heal it, repair it... and thus, repair the tendency to fall into the gravitational field.

When we have a split in the unified field, then the male turns against the female, and tries to control her source. this causes a backflow of energy that doesn't exist in the unified field... we can say it also doesn't exist in the energy of Love itself. The flow of the electricity through a system that has resistance (ie - NOT a superconducting system with no resistance) causes a dualistic magnetic field that is an extension of the dualistic flow of the electricity itself. The resistance can be likened to our own resistance, fighting against the source, instead of allowing it to flow in its natural way without opposition, without trying to be like the source (God, you may say here)

This dualistic magnetic field exists on the other side of reality from the unified field. it is heavy, it is dense, it is dark (without light) - it is trapped energy caused by faulty flow - and it is THIS energy that causes us to become subject to the Earth's gravitational field. So gravity is the result of the duality.
It is neutralized when the forces are brought back into balance, for instance, in a superconductor that has no resistance to flow, and thus, the unbalanced male cannot exert its "controlling" or "resistive" function, and therefore there is harmony, and we exist beyond the gravitational field of the Earth.

>>> One might say we are using the electric to create a magnetic state
that is not linear (as in a flow from the south to the north and then
back in a normal magnet)

[Adrian - I think you are saying we use male electricity to
destabilise the magnetic which is otherwise n equlibrium, yes?] >>>

sort of. Dual electricity represents, in its whole, the male energy part of what normally exists as one between two opposite poles. The magnetic is the female.
We have to bring them together... in a way that unifies them.
We cannot bring electricity and magnetism together within a normal medium, we have to create a special environment - hence, the Joe cell... which uses water as a diamagnetic substance to convert the magnetic field created by the dual electricity back over to the other side. You see, if you have a diamagnetic substance SURROUNDED by a magnetic field, it can ONLY create its diamagnetic response WITHIN itself - as in implosion, or "negative electricity" which to me, i suppose we can also call, in this instance, "negative magnetism."

Since the dualistic electricity creates a magnetic field on the other side of reality from the true and harmonious flow of the unified field (causing us to be subject to gravity), then the cell is perfect to "correct" the magnetic field caused by the dualistic electricity, by having diamagnetic water. The water, or any diamagnetic substance, is the means to convert the so-called "bad" or "dualistic" magnetism caused by dualistic electricity back to the other side, where we truly come from...
because it is surrounded in the centre by the magnetic fields created when we apply electicity to the spheres, in the case of the moe-joe...

Take this one step further - imagine the water inside a moe-joe.
it is surrounded by a magnetic field caused by the female dual electricity, and a magnetic field caused by the male dual electricity. it is forced to create a "counterbalancing" magnetic field opposite to what it is being exposed to (at 90 degrees - There is a spiritual teacher named Steward Wild saying that Heaven exists at 90 degrees to the right of where our present awareness sits - this is the ninety degree angle of conversion between the world of duality and the world of unity - or Heaven - which is what this Earth is going to be moving towards when we have free energy)

it is the activity of the counterbalancing field of the water that is the key -
it corrects, heals, restores, the true state of balance to the other side of reality, where there is unity.

<<but 3D, where the north SURROUNDS the south
[Adrian - Where dos the idea of north surrounding South COME FROM?]>>

as Alex quoted Paracelsus in his recent post:
""All knowledge comes from the stars (the Universal Mind), Men do not
invent or produce idea; the idea exist, and man may be able to grasp
them ... The inner consciousness will awaken to an understanding of
the influences of the stars, and the mysteries of Nature will be
revealed to his spiritual perception."

I have seen this pattern appear in alchemy, astrology, and kabbalah.
It is a pattern of the Great Work as seen in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

When this settles a few more notches deeper into my psyche, I hope to be able to express these concepts more simply, without so much verbosity.

love in union of opposites,

From a post by Moshe, discussing with Ernst, on the group November 16th, 2007, about the concept of the Moe-Joe cell also emitting a beam - albeit out in all directions

Ernst wrote: "And yes it (the moe-joe) will not run a car the car needs a beam ,as the sphere does create a FIELD not a beam."

Dear Ernst,

I would like to address a point you made, which I disagree with, on the one hand, and actually see what you're saying on the other.
You said that the Moe-Joe does not create a beam, and you said it needs to be
able to create a beam to run a car. Well, the way i see it is different.
The Moe-Joe is a ball. this so very simple to imagine. the Moe-Joe is a sphere unto itself.
The outer cell is the male, and it is the positive element which gives out the nature of the whole cell entirely. So right there, at the outer limits of the spheres, coming out in ALL directions, is this energy from the centre of the male sphere, the female sphere, and the neutral spheres - because the role of the male is actually to initialize the location where the energy from the entire sphere emanates from - otherwise, what would be the point of creating all this wonderful implosional explosional energy?

The Moe-Joe is one whole unit. It is too linear to only see that beam you're speaking of coming from cylinders, because, the Moe-Joe would be like beams coming out in all directions - now, if that is right near the engine, then the engine is getting those beams.
And it is also a little too linear to think, as others have suggested or questioned, how do we get the implosional force from the centre, out? Because it is delivered out through the activity of the male, who has two functions - reflecting the female back inward, and to deliver her outward.

And there is also way to use the very wire we use to carry the negative electricity to the centre and the inner sphere, to use that as a means to carry the energy of the centre up and out!! Yes siree!!

Now, if I can suggest how I see hooking her up to a car and let's see, if we did actually want to make the most focused beam we could put the moe-joe as closest to the engine as we could, then that negative wire going to the centre, we can use that wire after charging the water to carry out the energy of the female and the centre. And if we carry the male out along an aluminum tube, then we can also do the same with the female, and the wire carrying her energy, goes inside of his belly, as a reflection of the spheres themselves, and she ends with an electrical connection to the engine - and the male tube, ends right before the motor, insulated - best to put that female right there like in a point that still is within the centre of the beam that the aluminum tube is also pointing at the engine. <<--- that's how I'd hook the Moe-Joe up and give her a whirl - and i'd do this with a blind plug, first, and then the vacuum later. .


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