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Basic Informaton - Alchemical Information - Astrological Information - Homeopathic Information on Bismuth metallicum


Rainbow colours of Supercooled Bismuth crystals



Periodic Table - Bismuth is Bi - Element 83

Bismuth is a metallic chemical element with atomic weight 208.98038 amu. It is
a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Bi and atomic number
83. This is heavy, brittle, white crystalline trivalent true metal that has a pink tinge
and chemically resembles arsenic and antimony. Most diamagnetic of all metals,
bismuth has the lowest thermal conductivity of all the elements except
• Melting Point: 271.3 °C (544.45 °K, 520.33997 °F)
• Boiling Point: 1560.0 °C (1833.15 °K, 2840.0 °F)
• Number of Protons/Electrons: 83
• Number of Neutrons: 126
• Classification: Other Metals
• Crystal Structure: Rhombohedral
• Density @ 293 K: 9.8 g/cm3
• Color: white
Bismuth is the heaviest stable element and is a brittle metal with a pinkish hue
with an iridescent tarnish. Among the heavy metals, it is the heaviest and the only
non-toxic. No other metal is more diamagnetic than bismuth, except mercury. This
metal, which occurs in its native form, has a high electrical resistance and also has
the highest Hall effect of any metal (that is, it has the greatest increase in
electrical resistance when it is placed in a magnetic field). When heated in air
bismuth burns with a blue flame and its oxide forms yellow fumes.

This paper is to serve as a collection for information concerning the properties of bismuth.
Soft Metal and brittle
Dense and heavy (more than Lead)
Strongest diamagnetic substance (except Mercury) which means highest negative
Poor electrical conductor, which means it is a good electrical insulator.
Good thermal insulator, which probably contributes to is diamagnetic stability.
Will polish to a mirror consistency
Light color almost white metal with pinkish tinge.
Used in ceramics, and metal alloys
Non-toxic replacement for lead.
It has the unique property of repelling a magnetic field (or being repelled by a magnetic field).
It, like water swells, rather than contracts when made solid from its liquid state.
It is located next to lead and I assume it is the heaviest stable element before you get into the
radioactive elements. [Does this have to do with a magnetic transition?]
It must be very dense and its density greater than lead.
lowest thermal conductivity (except mercury).
[Could it be that this has to do with the subatomic particles bonding due to an attraction base on
pairing particles with like spin speed?]

Alchemical and Astrological Information on Bismuth Metallicum and its many "faces"

The Alchemical Symbols of Bismuth Metal

The symbol on the left is Taurus, and therefore Bismuth is ruled by Venus. In the periodic table, it sits right beneath Antimony
And beside Plumbum both of which are ruled by Saturn, therefore making Bismuth also ruled by Saturn. So it is ruled by both Saturn and Venus.

alchemical symbol for Venus that rules Taurus
Symbol of Saturn  for its nature in the periodic table.

Note: Antimony is an upside down Venus symbol, that sits RIGHT above
Bismuth in the periodic table.

 - Symbol for Antimony (Christ is often seen carrying Antimony)

Saturn is an upside down Breast – showing its upside down nature.

So Bismuth actually contains BOTH the Venus – the Breast of Baphomet –
AND the Saturn – the upside down Venus / Breast, like antimony. Wow!!

(Hence the possible fascination with the breast with Baphomet there and also the Saturn - and the close relationship with the lac (milk) homeopathic remedies, especially and mostly with Lac-caprinum - Goat's Milk - a very strong closeness of the two remedies - lac-caprinum and bismuth metallicum)


Bismuth multicoloured cystals

Bismuth cystals from supercooling - makes Bismuth closely related to Iridium – Iris – the Rainbow. Messenger of the Goddess.

Baphomet - Showing Half-Goat, Half Naked Woman

Bismuth represents Baphomet, the severed Head of Medusa – the Head of Satan, the Star AlGol (For a much much deeper and important explanation on this powerful star that has for so long been largely misinterpreted, see The Nu Covenant of Solomon.

AlGol is a Binary Star - having a binary nature of a Bright Star and a Dark Star – Saturn (Dark star) and Venus (Bright Star) just as Baphomet has both the Bright and the Dark moons!! also seen on Baphomet's chest is the intertwining staff of Hermes, alchemical symbol of the union of opposites - the dark and the light - and the terms Solve and Coagula.

Note: Bismuth is closely related to Mercury as well – since it lies only 3 columns away, they’re both highly diamagnetic, and they have this “twin” thing going on – the Orouboros – the alchemy of Thoth – the Sphinx –
Hermes. Yes!!

There is also a relationship with Iridium metallicum (element 77 - IR) – Iris, goes into the underworld, so does Dionysus. She is the Goddess. Bismuth carries both the Goddess (Venus) and Saturn – The goat, astrologically is ruled by the planet Saturn. And Dionysus is known to be the father of the Satyrs and Pan – who is also a Goat!! And Dionysus is known to descend into hell, which makes Bismuth related to Dionysus and Iris !
What’s more, is that Bismuth contains all colours of the rainbow, like Iridium / Iris – the Rainbow Goddess. And they’re both extremely heavy substances. In the homeopathic preparation, there can be Sensation of being lifted up – being light – because it is the homeopathic opposite.

Now since Iris is the messenger of the Goddess, and Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, and Bismuth carries a relationship with BOTH – then Bismuth IS BOTH the messenger of the Goddess and the Messenger of the Gods.

My favourite metal!! My one and only that is two that are one that is three that is four…

Now here is something very very interesting in the alchemy of the Sphinx.

AlGol is the star that lives at 27 degrees Taurus. Taurus carries the Orobouros in its alchemical symbol and represents both Saturn and Venus – but more importantly, represents the Earth Mother. The Earth is the Esoteric Ruler of Sagittarius.
There is 150 degrees in between the Galactic Heart Centaur Black Hole at 27 Sag and 27 Taurus – AlGol – that is FIVE signs – the number five here represents the focus on Venus, on Love – the five pointed Star.
And also, the 150 degrees is inconjunct, what I see here is that it has an ESOTERIC conjunction…
And the Esoteric ruler of Sagittarius is EARTH – and Earth Rules within the sign of Taurus in the Sphinx… the Earth Element and with the Venus there in Taurus, that is Love, and that is the Esoteric connection between Taurus and Sag - very powerful. That is how and why the Sphinx in Chiron (half man / half horse) is also depicted as half lion half man and in other ways, because there is a general relationship with many different manifestations of the Sphinx. For instance, Dionysus, who is very Christ-like, is also known to take up the form of half-man half - different beasts of the Four Fixed signs of the Zodiac. This also shows us how Baphomet, who is very largely a Sphinx, whose Star AlGol resides at 27 degrees taurus has a 150 degree relationship and other direct correspondences with the Christ Sphinx at the Galactic Heart Centre point.

In fact, Sag, ruled by Jupiter –
 - alchemical symbol of jupiter

Shows that it is FOUR – 4 – all four signs of the Fixed Zodiac- which makes up the alchemy of the Sphinx. for more info on this see The Nu Covenant of Solomon.

Also, within itself, in the symbol of Jupiter ruling Sagittarius, who is a Christ Sphinx, it contains 2 that are 1 – just like Taurus, who contains the 2 – Saturn Father and Venus – Mother Goddess.
So Taurus and Sagittarius share this very beautiful relationship!

With Bismuth healing me, I am sure that I will move beyond where Aleister Crowley got stuck – which was in the Beast – that is, Saturn, Goat, Devil, DISCONNECTED from Venus.
As we see in this remedy homeopathically – Bismuth has “Unfeeling and hard hearted”
And that is SURELY due to the Saturn being SPLIT, disconnected from the VENUS! YES!!
And so Bismuth CAN go into a very devilish place… yet also have this thing with Beauty, with love, and with LUST – enjoyment –
And can have the feeling of being poisoned, as Lou Klein described about Bismuth homeopathically and here I add:
Poisoned by Love, poisoned by the partner, and unable to shake off the partner.  

Now, here is the important thing – in the Great Work –
We start with Saturn, and later we add Venus.
Well, Bismuth already has both elements right within himself. It is the Stone of Kings in a natural form –

The Stone of the Kings lives all in Bismuth – how do we use it is the Question!!!???
Like this… in this very way (for one with the Sphinx Sphere, yes! And as the centre in the Moe-Joe cell )

With electricity and magnetism and Water – The Secret lies within Bismuth's very high diamagnetism and also very high hall effect:

Earth is the Garden of Eden, meant to be Paradise for us. The Garden of Eden is where the Adam Kadmon lives, who is both male and female as one. Aquarius is the Water Bearer – carrying the water, as the Child of the coming together of the Father and the Mother. Aquarius represents the Christ child that is Adam Kadmon.
Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn. The Child… relates it closely to Bismuth who is also a child of sorts, carrying both the Father and the Mother within itself. Also, to conclude this thought - Earth is meant to be a paradise. One of the biggest factors affecting the Earth now is greed. The Primary source for greed, leading to control and war, right now, on the planet, is the war for OIL... and, with these water technologies emerging, Bismuth will play a huge role in the creation of free energy devices, hence, part of the manifestation of its "Philosopher Stone" traits.

Other symptoms and clinical aspects of Bismuth metallicum that I propose:

Paralysis. Myasthenia gravis. Very very hard on self. Work hard – cannot rest, constantly striving, pressing on, forward. Sacrifice of self for the work, for the good of others. Judgment. Disapproval – all very saturnine, and yet, this soft, naive, gentleness of the Venus element.
Swaying forward and backward – changing between extremes –
Objects approach and recede. Falling out of hair, drooling, like the mercurial aspect of the remedy.
Overbearing mother – or a mother that made her child dependent on her – she needed the closeness with the child and needed to be needed.
Absent / weak father – hence weakness of the will and the easy suppression of the maleness –and also of judging the male /father (Saturn) in the self as being bad.

Feels a strong identity with the underdog, and also, with those who have been suppressed, eg: lesbians – wants their approval – wants them to see that the male (Saturn in him) is not bad – not the devil – but nevertheless, gets the bad reputation – or others see him that way.

So a feeling of being a bad male – ie – see my song- Cause I am a Man. Which Means?
“Would you believe me if I spotted your girlfriend and you caught me smiling, thinking she was something, but really wanting nothing, just appreciating, God’s fine creating?”


In this way, it is also related to zincum that has the symptom of not growing up…
Other not growing up Rxs – rhododendron, baryta, mercury (eternal child)
Here a ddx with rhod - Pressive pain in the right testicle, more severe when touche (after two hours).

Also, dreams of teeth falling out and actual teeth falling out as they do with the severe diseases of the gums that Bismuth can have. -  this relates it to the close ddx / relationship with Theridion. Theridion relates to me a lot to Alesiter Crowley's title about himself being Master Therion - Therion is known as being part Goat part Bull - which is EXACTLY what our sweet friend Bismuth is... indeed. Now, it is just in the name Theridion that this resembles, but there is more of a link there than just that. Theridion, the small orange spider from the West Indes, is ORANGE. If we look at lac-caprinum, the main colour for this remedy is GREEN - as in the GREEN MAN - Pan - Father Nature. Green. And Green is therefore for our element the Goat inside of Bismuth. Red is for the Earth element that lives within the bull - and what do you get when you put the bull (red) together with the Goat (Green Man - Pan)? You get the colour orange. Interestingly, to add to this, the Sphinx is said, in the vision of Ezekiel seeing the Heaven opening up, to see 4 heads, and four sets of eyes. Also, with the four beasts, that is four pairs of legs - which makes eight legs and eight eyes - that is the Spider. The spider represents the Mother, and it is also closely related, in this awareness of EIGHT - as in 2 of 4 - to the Sphinx, to all aspects of the Sphinx. This is how Theridion is related to Bismuth.

Other symptoms: Injury to kidneys, with aching pain in the kidneys, like iridium.

The twitching on the left side of the nose is probably due to the nitricum element in this remedy – as plut-n has it, am-c has it, nit-ac has it.

Pit in the chest – exactly where there is the black hole created by the union of opposites – that is, an electromagnetic state beyond this world’s electromagnetic state – an imploded center where the snake eats its tail – hence, a caved-in chest – which is also a very tubercular thing – with the weakness of the lungs. Wow!!

It’s perfect that Bismuth should be in the file I have on the remedies with Nitric acidum – they’re very closely related and nitric acid dissolves bismuth, which is why it has helped me – and Bismuth is related to failure by giving up the power too, like Plumbum, as I saw in that amazing case of the inventor that gave away the rights, the credit for the inventions he made - I prescribed plumbum to him just 1 day before I made my personal discovery for Bismuth.

Stage 15 of the Periodic table contains phos, arsenicum, bismuth, antimony – this is the alchemical stage.
Stage 15 - traits according to Jan Scholtens:
Miasm – Tuberculosis

Bismuth yearns for recognition in what he has done because he doesn’t let the beauty of his Saturn out – and the beauty of this beauty out –
And so he wants the recognition to come from what he has done!! Yes !!

Bismuth is already perfect, in a respect – and his / her Saturn is already non-toxic. Yes!!

Lou Klein on Bismuth:
BISMUTH --- Severe depression --- bismuth subnitricum (nitric acid)= bismuthy (nitric acid – blaming others for their loss of enjoyment)
Conflict of being loyal to family and blaming and clinging to family
(Jan Sholten says – Japanese and strong connection to inheritence)
funny – I am back to doing Karate now – to train the will – strengthen the will – Will is related to Taurus.
bismuth is in the same line as nitricum --- loss – bankruptcy – clinging
suicidal depression
bismuth – soft metal --- pepto-bismal --- stomach complaint
similar symptom to phos. Crave cold drinks and then vomits for gastritis --- cracking nipples
cosmetics --- lipstick lustric look
bismuth subnitrate and nitric acid in cosmetic
low melting point – and used in sprinkler system and boilers to let out steam --- bismuth
anguish with anxiousness – clinging – restlessness – weakness of will (being loyal to the family)
fright and anxiety – same stage and arsenicum they can be confused
stage 15 – bankruptcy is very strong – things are really over and need to let go of everything and resistance to letting go

arsenicum – bankrupt there is nothing left (end of life)

bismuth – I have been a terrible person bad to my family and must kill myself – gold and syphilis miasm
(or I have been a terrible person to my friends… and I am so alone)
desire to be held – in fright (in children) they are clinging – they need support all the time
obedient children
Weakness of will and magnetism
Unfeeling and hard hearted

  "Other traits of Bismuth - from Sankaran's writings:
-  Unfeeling
-  Hard hearted
-  Aversion to everything
-  Dispomania
-  Discontent with everything
-  Indifference to everything
-  Irresolution
-  Changeable
-  Moral feeling want of
-  Morose
-  Reserved
-  Restless
-  Starting from sleep
-  Talk indisposed to
     In the compensated form there is independence, courage and strong will.
     Antimony has A/F vaccination, an invasion of tissue by foreign proteins, which is not as bad as the "attack" in Bismuth. Antimony feels alone, frightened and clings to the attendants (and not only to the mother as in Bismuth). The intensity of reaction is seen in the forcible vomiting of Antim tart which, however, is not as violent as the convulsive vomiting of Bismuth. In the coped up state, Antim would show qualities like courage, obstinacy, independence."

"From Vermeulen's:

    M   Desire for company.
          Solitude is unbearable.
          [Chiefly present in acute gastrointestinal disturbances.]
     "This remedy corresponds to children who are even clingier than Pulsatilla children. Which is no small matter. They cannot tolerate solitude, always want company; but while the Pulsatilla child wants only mother, Bismuthum will make do with other familiar faces from the family circle. For example, a Pulsatilla child will want to sleep only in mother's bed, while Bismuthum will agree to sleep with big sister." [Didier Grandgeorge]"

Because of this clinginess, I also see in Bismuth is, because of the Taurus element, being clingy it becomes the jealousy of their partner – and what they want to keep all for themselves, is their partner’s beauty. That is their lesson. YeS!! Wow!!

Bismuth sulphuratum – blaming others that he is not getting recognition – or needing the recognition from others even more cause he is holding himself back…

All the answers to the world’s problem herein – the Fifth House has Spoken. Wow!!

     DISCOLORATION: black [908]
     DISCOLORATION: black: tonsils [908]
    MEMBRANE, exudation, diphtheria [908]
     MEMBRANE, exudation, diphtheria: Tonsils [908]
     MEMBRANE, exudation, diphtheria: Uvula [908]
     PAIN: General: esophagus [908]

     APPETITE: wanting [908]
     THIRST: extreme [103]
     VOMITING: fluids: only [22]
     VOMITING: General [908]
     VOMITING: General: diarrhea: during [908]

Night sleep disturbed by lascivious dreams, with or without emissions. Voluptuous dreams.

     FEAR: alone, of being
     MEDICINE, drugs: desire to swallow large doses of

Capricious – the first word in Mirilli’s thematic materia medica – there is the Saturn

Danger     Dreams: calling, help, for    - I had one of these. I just know it. I did call out for help recently in a dream. 12/12/2007

     Bismuthum Oxidum. Dull cutting in brain, begins above the right orbit and extends to the occiput. Pressure and sensation of heaviness, worse on motion. Twitching, tearing whole left side of occipital bone, worse close to parietal.
     This Oxide, which however, is probably the subnitrate, is of eminent service in pains of head, eyes and spine, when reflex from gastric origin. The tongue is white, the taste bitter, and there are nausea, burning, pressure and distress in stomach through to the back, with a sore, burning spot in the spine. Prostration is excessive, while the face is often indicative of poor nutrition and of abdominal distress; earthy face, blue rings around the eyes, features changed, as if, he had been sick.
     Trousseau used the drug for eructations non - foetid, diarrhoea worse when child is weaned, also when continuing after dentition; stools cadaverous; excessive exhaustion, but surface remains warm.
(and is able to be strong willed enough to hide his illness, so that he appears outwardly well – the disease lives on in the body!! No longer!!! Not with Bismuth!!))

THEME – so so important. He feels as if he did wrong by his partner, his love, his venus – he failed her. He failed (Saturn) in love (Venus). He is a failure in love relationships and in enjoyment. He fails to enjoy himself. He cannot do it – it is the Saturn that opposes the enjoyment of the Venus. Even though his Saturn is not toxic, it still does go against his Venus, and this must stop. Her beauty must be allowed to shine. Very very hebrew remedy.
Very deep.

Theme – he wronged his friends. (it is the energy of the Saturn being used against the self- the innocent and beautiful self of Love – Venus – so self-blame is very big in this remedy)

Funny in this state, I thought of Lac-caprinum (the goat element) Antimonium – alchemical Saturn – and then also it is closely related somehow to the Ferrum series – cobaltum, guilt – cuprum – Venus – Zincum, ferrum.

Can see handling genitals like stram, and like zincum, mercurius.

Also, Stram has delusion he is God (Venus) and then he is the Devil (Saturn) and so is a plant that makes a nice complement to Bismuth – and look:
Bismuth: Solitude is unbearable, desires company; child hold on to its mother's hand for company (Stram.).
Stram has the delusion he is always alone and so can Bismuth!!

Bismuth is a reddish white metallic element, placed below Antimony in Group V A. The group theme of isolation is seen in Bismuth too, but in greater intensity. As it is a metallic substance, it has in addition the theme of performance; of attack and defence. It has A/F abdominal operation - which is an "attack on the tissues". The feeling is that he is alone and has to withstand attacks (this is one of the biggest of the ddx reasons with zincum). In the uncompensated form, there is terror, clinging, desire for company and weak will. The following rubrics express the uncompensated form:
-  Anguish driving from place to place
-  Anguish with restlessness
-  Clinging
-  Company desire for
-  Fear alone, solitude
-  Lamenting
-  Restlessness driving out of bed
-  Restlessness driving about
-  Starting from sleep
-  Will, weakness of
-  Dreams - falling
-  anxious
-  frightful.

He can also feel as if he has the devil inside – it is the Goat that lives in the Saturn, that is mistaken – ends up even giving himself his own bad reputation – yes!!! Hallelujah!!

Bit pit in the chest where there is implosions where there is explosions of implosions – where they meet in the center!! Yes!! Explosions of implosions!! Yes!!

Disease     Complaining: condition, of his      D

More from Vermeulen's:

     G   Great prostration.
          & Warm skin.
     G   GREAT THIRST for COLD WATER [esp. in the evening];
          which is vomited at once, or in great quantities when stomach becomes full.
          Food is retained a little longer.
     G   Frequent waking at night, with lassitude; or as if in fright.
     G   Better Cold applications or drinks.
          [head; face; teeth; nausea; fever]
     G   Better Motion.
          "Most symptoms disappear during motion." [Lippe]
     G   PRESSING [pain] and HEAVY sensation.
          [eyes; head; stomach; abdomen; testes]
          Swollen sensation.
     G   Vertigo, sensation as if anterior half of brain was turning in a circle.
     P   Frontal headache # or & gastralgia, or when it comes on immediately after eating, and is relieved by vomiting of the ingesta.
          Headache returns every winter.
     P   Headache extending into root of nose.
          Better Cold drinks; cold bathing.

  P   Alternately contracting and distending sensation in head [forehead, eyes and nose down to the tip].
     P   Pain in the stomach which comes on SOON AFTER EATING.
          The pain is a remittent pressure, as from a stone or some heavy substance in the stomach. It differs from the gastralgia of Nux which comes on later after eating; from Carb-v. which is later, as well as burning. [Hale]
     P   Pain in stomach.
          & Eructations tasting of undigested roast meat, frontal headache, and vomiting of undigested food. [Hale]
          & White coated tongue.
          "Hardly ever indicated where eructations are inodourous or sour." [Clarke]
          "Eructations of food eaten twenty-four hours before." [Clarke]
     P   Pain in stomach.
          Better Rubbing the back.
          & Fear.
          & Thirst.
          & Pressing pain between shoulder blades; must bend backwards.
     P   Vomiting from gastric irritation; not attended by fever.
     P   Dry palms and soles.
     MIND: Clinging of children, child will always take the hand of mother [2/1]. Desire for company [3]. Complaining [2]. Fear of being alone, wants light and company [1]. Restlessness, driving out of bed [3]. Starting as if falling [1].
     HEAD: Heaviness in forehead on motion [2]; in occiput on motion [1]. Pain, winter headaches [2]; extending to root of nose [2]; extending to tip of nose [1]; dull cutting above right eye, extending to occiput [1]; dull pressive-drawing, changing place, worse motion [1]; pressing pain as from a weight [2]; pressing pain in occiput on motion [2; Bry.].
     EYE: Inward pressing pain [2].
     NOSE: Heaviness at root [1]. Boring pain at root [1].
     FACE: Pain better cold applications [2]; better motion [2].
     TEETH: Pain better cold water [2].
     THROAT: Sensation of coldness [2].
     STOMACH: Eructations & pain in stomach [3; Sulph.]; empty eructations after drinking [1]. Nausea better cold drinks [2]; after operation on abdomen [3]; during stool [2]; from warm drinks [2]. Pain better bending backward [1]; better after cold drinks [1; Phos.]; & fainting [3]. Vomiting after drinking the smallest quantity [3]; after operation [2].
     CHEST: Pain better while eating [1]; pain extending transversely across lower chest on walking[1/1].
     SLEEP: Waking with falling sensation [1; Guaj., Ph-ac.].
     FEVER: Drinking cold water > [1; Caust.].
     GENERALITIES: Difficult dentition [2]. Flushes of heat in morning [1]. Ailments from pregnancy [2]. Rest < [2]. Rubbing < [2]. Touch > [2]. Wave-like sensations [2].
     Desire: Cold drinks [2]; cold food [1]; sour [1].
     Better: Cold drinks [3]; cold food [1].
     Worse: Warm drinks [2]; alcohol [1]; spices [1]; warm food [1].

And of couse for the stone, we use the metal bismuth, it’s only error, is that it is not full of its light and its shine.

And it doesn’t accept its strength in Saturn, and that that Strength can sometimes be too much for people, but not that it is not good. It is good. That is Bismuth’s problem. they begin to think they are bad when they are good. And there is something here with being suckered by repetition. Like being broken down, their resolve can be, by repeated exposures to certain things. So if they meet many people that feel they are too much, and they are, but in a good way, the other just cannot accept that, and yet the Bismuth person, having all that Venus in them, will sacrifice their own strength, their own confidence in themselves for the other. And then it stops allowing its shine out. Bismuth, being related to Baphomet and the Star AlGol - is closely related to the procuring of a bad reputation - a false accusation - false and unjustly accused. Medusa was beautiful and she was raped by Neptune and then unfairly punished by Athena - she nows resides in the heavens as a severed head at 27 degrees Taurus - and yet she is so beautiful and unfairly punished. Like Judas who was the greatest of the 12 disciples of Christ. Amazingly, the Severed Head that the Knights' Templar were said to have worshipped is the Severed Head of Medusa that lives as One with Bismuth at 27 degree Taurus. They were all also unjustly and unfairly put to death by the Church.

Note on bismuth here:
Rx: Bismuth
Jan Scholten talks about suicidal depression and uses it primarily for suicidal depression; suicidal tendencies of Hara-kiri of the Samurai warrior
Bismuth subnitricum is in the MM
Blaming others for their loss of enjoyment –

     Stupefaction, dullness, mist before eyes.
     Dulness, heaviness of head.
     Delirium. ~ With gangrene, or internal ulceration.
     Delirium tremens.
     Desire for company, child holds on to its mother's hand.
     Solitude is unbearable.
     Anguish, at times he sits, then walks, then lies down, never long in one place.
     Apathy, with peevish dissatisfaction.
     Unstable-minded, begins now this, again that, holds but short time to any one thing. (Yes, that is part of the state I have been In! yes!)

     Ill humor, he is morose and discontented with his condition, and complains about it.

Bismuthum subnitricum is in the same line as Stibium, loss and bankruptcy, clinging
Bismuth is a soft metal and used in Pepto bismo for stomach complaints.
Des cold drinks and then vomit: acute gastritis
Used in cosmetics: lipsticks and luster
Use nitric acid to dissolve bismuth
In this woman, she has lots of makeup and it is refined
Used in sprinkler systems, because of its low melting pt

WEAKNESS OF WILL; being loyal to the family
In Stage 15 the fear of bankruptcy is strong, and a resistance of letting go. (Ars I am bankrupt)
In Bismuth, suicide is very strong, in the gold series
UNFEELING (Ars: things have to come to me)

   Neuralgia of the Trigeminus or Fifth Nerve, Prosopalgia, Neuralgia, Neuralgia Facialis, Dolor Faciei Fothergilli Tic douleureux:
     Bismuth nitr. The most excruciating pains are somewhat relieved by taking cold water into the mouth and walking briskly about.
(makes me think again about the absess tooth – I think at one point cold >>> and then it was <<< cold.

oHe is obliged to urinate frequently, every time profusely; the urine is watery (after twelve hours).
(weakness of the kidneys)

Subnitrate of bismuth is a mild, protective astringent, sedative, tonic and antacid. In very large doses it is an irritant.

   Case of Poisoning by Bismuth
     The British Homoeopathic Journal, pp. 173-179.
     F.C., a middle-aged man, had had an abscess in the left thigh. I suspected it to be due to diseased bone of the lower end of the femur, as it was deep-seated, and would probably require removal of dead bone. I advised him to go into hospital, and he went to St. Bartholomew's. The abscess was opened. He was radiographed, and it was decided that no dead bone was present, and that the abscess would speedily heal up. It did not do so, and the case dragged on for some weeks still discharging pus, though in small quantity, and he finally came out with a sinus unhealed. He again cam under my treatment. The opening had been made on the upper and inner aspect of the lower end of the left thigh, and through this pus welled up when the leg was squeezed. There was no counter opening. A probe bent in a semicircle passed in about 6 in, curling round the posterior surface of the femur in the popliteal space, keeping close to the bone and not approaching the surface. When pressure was made over the popliteal space, pus welled up into the opening in front. This curved sinus prove very difficult to deal with. It was washed out daily with weak Sanitas water, with peroxide of hydrogen solution, with iodized phenol at various time; and though the discharge became very much less, and some of the diverticula from the sinus closed, the main track remained patent. I had read in one of the American magazines of the great success achieved in healing up obstinate sinuses by means of injecting bismuth, in the form of a paste made with gelatine, or in solution. I decided to try it, and as the sinus was not straight, but irregularly curved, I thought all parts of it would be best reached by the bismuth if I used a solution, and accordingly I made up the following lotion - viz., bismuth subnitrat. zi, glycerine zii, aq. zii.

This is related to my abscess, literally, in my sinus, with my teeth – and puts it up there with hepar in this sort of pussy, painful absess.

  On calling to see him the next day I found the inflammation of the gums much increased, and there were some gangrenous-looking patches on the inside of the lips. The gums were swollen, and there was a blue line, as in lead poisoning, along the edges of the gums where they met the teeth. Considerable salivation and a foul odour of the breath resembling that of mercurial stomatitis were present. The pulse was weak and rapid. I gave him merc. vivus 30 uv, three hours, and ordered frequent washings of the mouth with weak Condy solution, and local application of borax and honey. The sinus was washed out with weak Sanitas solution.
     November 18. - Two days later. The sinus had healed very considerably and the discharge from this was almost nil. But his general condition was alarming. The pulse was 120, small and soft, he was very prostrate and of a dusky hue, temperature subnormal. The mouth was much worse. The tongue was much swollen and black gangrenous looking wedges were present on the dorsum and sides of the tongue and also underneath. There were gangrenous patches on the inside of the lips and in the cheeks opposite the teeth. Salivation was profuse and the teeth loose. He had much pain and difficulty in swallowing, but the tongue was too swollen for one to get a view of the pharynx. The submaxillary glands were swollen and tender, and the loose tissue under the jaws much swollen, as well as the subcutaneous tissue over the lower jaws in the face. Having regard to the great constitutional depression and the amount of swelling of the mouth and surrounding parts I gave him apis 6 uv, two hours.
     November 20. - Two days later. I was relieved to find some improvement in his general condition. He was less collapsed and the pulse had fallen to 108, still very small and soft. The swelling of the jaws was less and also of the tongue, so that I could now get a view of the throat. The soft palate and uvula were black and black patches were present on each tonsil. The back of the tongue was also black. The inside of the cheeks opposite the teeth presented one continuous slough. The sinus in the leg had nearly healed. Repeat apis 6.
     November 21. - Much the same, but he complained of a frontal headache and tight pain as if bound. This is thought due to the apis, so I discontinued it.
     November 22. - The mouth was very much better. The inflammatory swelling was gone and the black gangrenous patches now appeared in the midst of healthy tissue. Less pain on swelling. Less mental depression. Pulse 88. Apis 6 uv, t.d.s.


November 27. - Still much pain on swallowing at the back of the tongue. The sloughs have separated from the lips and cheeks and have proved the gangrene to be more superficial than at first appeared. General improvement maintained.
     From this time he rapidly got well. The tongue and cheeks and inside of the lips showed thin white scars which he will probably retain till the day of his death, but his teeth tightened up when the gums had healed and were none the worse for the purposes of mastication. Unfortunately the sinus did not quite heal; 5 in. of it healed up completely, but there remained 1 in. that did not, and which continued to secrete and discharge a few drops of sero-pus daily. I attempted to heal this last portion by various devices, but failed. Perhaps zinc electrolysis would be successful, but he has passed out of my hands. I did not give another bismuth injection.
     It shows the selective action bismuth must have for the mucous membranes of the mouth that its effects there were so marked, while at the seat of injection nothing resulted but a mild healing stimulation. No inflammation occurred along the lymphatics, by which the particles of bismuth must have been carried in much greater concentration than they could have been deposited from the capillaries in the buccal mucous membranes.
     The idea of using bismuth in this case was obtained from an article in the Medical Brief, in which several American surgeons recorded their experience with Beck's bismuth paste. This consists of one part of subnitrate of bismuth mixed with two parts of vaseline and boiled, so that the bismuth is present in the ratio of 1 to 3 of the paste. The paste is injected whilst fluid, and not too hot. A list of 192 cases treated by this method was given, of which 66 per cent. were cured, 28 per cent. improved, and 6 per cent. were unchanged. They were largely cases of tubercular diseases of bones, joints and glands, many of osteomyelitis of various bones, empyema of the chest and sinus left after abdominal operation. Dr. Ochsner, speaking before the Chicago Medical Society, said: "I have employed this method in about twenty cases of old tubercular sinuses. The possibility of application of bismuth paste is so great, and the proportion of satisfactory results from it so large, that I look upon it in appropriate cases as the most important advance in surgery that we have had during the last two years. I have applied the mixture in every part of the body." There is said to be little fear of bismuth poisoning unless extravagantly large quantities of the paste are used.

In the October, 1912, issue of the Homoeopathic World, Dr. Roberson Day draws attention to a fatal case of bismuth paste poisoning: "L.W. Ely records the case of a girl, aged 3 years, with a sinus in the right lumbar region. A rise of temperature followed each injection, but otherwise nothing of not occurred until about three months after the commencement of treatment, when black discoloration appeared on one side of the tongue. Five days later constant vomiting ensued, and death took place within a fortnight, being preceded by buccal ulceration and bloody stools." Cushing says that the general action of bismuth has been studied in animals by the subcutaneous or intravenous injection of the double salts, such as the tartrate of bismuth and sodium. In large doses it rapidly kills, affecting the central nervous system, causing violent tonic and clonic convulsions, and also directly affects the heart. In smaller quantities it induces a more chronic form of intoxication which resembles that seen in man. The earliest symptoms are loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhoea, salivation and stomatitis with ulceration of the gums, tongue, and buccal mucous membrane. Weakness, slowness and inco-ordination of the movements follow and except in very chronic cases tetanic convulsions occur at intervals. The urine contains albumen and casts. The weakness gradually deepens into complete paralysis and the animal dies generally without convulsions. Post mortem are found, beside the buccal appearance, congestion, inflammation and necrosis of the kidney and an intense black coloration of the caecum and upper part of the large intestine. The mucous membrane is necrose in places and ulcers and hemorrhage are met with in it. The black coloration is due to a deposit of bismuth sulphide on the mucous membrane and in the capillary vessels and lymph spaces.
     Now that bismuth is becoming so extensively employed as a paste for healing sinuses, and in bulk internally for radiographic purposes, we may expect to meet with an increased number of cases of poisoning.
     I should like to draw attention to the good effect of apis in my case, as it seemed to be homoeopathic both to the general and local condition, and would, I am confident be equally efficacious in any similar case.






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