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Info about Bismuth Core
Bismuth Core - threaded to receive the 3" stainless steel threaded bolt. It comes insulated with silicon gel.

This is really only the information about the Bismuth core.

In the Moe-Joe kits , I have included the bismuth centre to enhance the diamagnetism of the centre greatly, and is a tremendous item to have there in the centre. Bismuth has the highest diamagnetism of any substance, besides mercury, but mercury is highly toxic and bismuth is non-toxic. It is easy to work with and also has the highest Hall effect, which is ideal for what we are trying to create in the Moe-Joe cell. (Hall effect definition: Generation of an electric potential perpendicular to both an electric current flowing along a conducting material and an external magnetic field applied at right angles to the current upon application of the magnetic field - very key for having it within the midst of the electromagnetic fields created by the Moe-Joe cell being electrically charged)


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