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For years, Moshe worked on improving the design. With the help of his friends, David Jacques, Davor Sesartik, and ChrisTopher Gardner, the Moe-Joe cell now has such a sleek and easy to assemble design that is the most efficient ever for achieving stage 3 water. We can't believe how fast we're arriving at an increased surface tension, with maintenance of bubbles on the surface, and with the cell holding a voltage. Click here to see the archives of evolution of the Moe-Joe design and results and how far the Moe-Joe Cell has come from.

"I remember using that setup in 2005 (top right pic) - Rusty leads in the water -  alligator clip bringing the charge to the central sphere. Still worked okay though, but there was nothing like seeing, experiencing, and feeling the difference with each subsequent improvement, until I arrived at my present and best design. I am sure the Moe-Joe will keep evolving and improving, but compared to how it started, I cannot imagine it getting even better."

                      Moshe Daniel - Moe-Joe inventor

After a couple of years expressing excitement about the great results Moshe was getting with the Moe-Joe, sharing videos demonstrating its design and operation, and describing results on the international Joe-Cell discussion group, Moshe began receiving many requests and questions from people from all around the world, expressing keen interest in the Moe-Joe. "Where can I get my own?"Do you sell the Moe-Joe?"

Because of the ever-increasing demand, we decided to produce affordable, easy to assemble and get-right-to-work kits for the Moe-Joe and Joe-Cell enthusiasts.

See the archives of the Moe-Joe Cell evolution





Moe Joe Water Charging Kit 1

Moe-Joe Cell Polished hemispheres

Standard Moe-Joe Kit with all necessary parts for assembly.

Moe-Joe Cell Car Kit

Moe-Cell Water charging Kit

Moe Joe Cell Car Kit

Bismuth Core

Bismuth Ball in centre of Cell

For enhanced orgone production and healing properties

Moe Joe Cell Accessories

Aluminum transfer tube moe joe cell Aluminum connector moe joe cell

Aluminum PVC protector flexible tubing and aluminum connectors for car installation



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